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Free Puppy Proofing Checklist

Are you about to bring a new puppy home? Or maybe an older rescue dog? Either way you need to make sure your home is puppy proofed. Most importantly this will help to keep your pup safe, but it will also keep you from crying in despair over lost and damaged prized possessions! Sign up below and the checklist will be sent direct to your inbox.

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    is cat declawing bad

    Is Cat Declawing Bad?

    Have you ever considered declawing for your cat and wondered if cat declawing is bad or an option? Today we are going to answer that…

    Latest on Small Animals

    small rabbit in a woman's arms

    Breeds Of Bunny: A World of Choice

    With 45 breeds of bunnies recognized today, it can be overwhelming to choose which breed of bunny is perfect for you. Bunnies are normally categorized…

    a young boy and a guinea pig

    Guinea Pig Care For Kids

    Guinea pigs make great first pets for kids because they are easy to take care of and fun to play with. Guinea pigs are also…

    a golden syrian hamster

    So You Want To Own A Hamster?

    First off, let’s just put the title of this article straight. As my hamster Molly will tell you, a hamster does not get owned, it is a very independent creature that will happily live with you, if you provide it with the ideal environment and lots of treats. OK, now we have got that important matter out of the way, let’s continue.

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