a white and brown lop eared rabbit called Tilly

About Us

I started this blog because I have a love of all pets, large and small. I have grown up around animals and our house was always filled with dogs, cats, hamsters and guinea pigs – although not always at the same time!

My house-rabbits Tilly & Bertie influenced the name for this site. Now we all love our pets, but sometimes they can be just a tiny bit naughty…or shall I say, like little hooligans.

When Tilly was young, she loved nothing better than to investigate every corner and to chew everything that she could get her mouth around. Sadly, I lost Tilly in December 2014, but she is still a big part of this site and my motivation for doing it.

In 2015 Bertie joined my family and he was even more rascally than Tilly ever was – I put it down to him being a boy 😉

However, just like Tilly, he brought a lot of love and laughter into my life and in the time that he was with us he truly become one of the family.

a black lop rabbit

Both Tilly & Bertie are hugely missed and I hope that the pitter, patter of little bunny paws might be heard in our home again sometime soon.

In the blog I like to feature information on pet care, funny hooligan stories, interviews with owners of pet businesses and shelters, reviews of books, features on other pet based sites, giveaways, competitions and much more.

If you have something you would like to see featured, or you would like to write for the blog, then please contact me.

My aim is to make Pet Hooligans a community of like-minded people, where we can share what we love about our pets, discuss information about pet health and care and above all enjoy our time with our little hooligan friends! We also have a growing kids’ corner, to foster children’s love of animals.

Best wishes to you and your little (and large) hooligans, Ali