child with rabbit

10 Gifts For Rabbit Lovers

Buying gifts for someone you love is so much fun, especially when you know what to get them! Otherwise, the task can be very time-consuming …
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fun facts on cats

15 Fun Facts on Cats

It’s always fun having facts to dish out to your friends or family on long drives or get-togethers. These fun facts on cats may even …
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do dogs see in color

Do Dogs See In Color?

Let’s be honest, we all want to get inside our pup’s minds, to hear what they hear, to smell what they smell! (Mmmmm maybe not!) …
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can dogs get colds from humans

Can Dogs Get Colds From Humans?

If you have ever wondered ‘can dogs get colds from humans?’ we have the answer for you today. People have become really concerned about ‘species jumping’ …
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is cat declawing bad

Is Cat Declawing Bad?

Have you ever considered declawing for your cat and wondered if cat declawing is bad or an option? Today we are going to answer that …
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