Small Animals

Litter Training Your Bunny

No pet owner likes to have a pet that constantly needs cleaning up after because of frequent messes. Luckily, bunnies are one of the types of animals that is litter trained fairly easily. Litter training a bunny will be both a rewarding activity for you as the pet owner, and for the bunny that will …

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Breeds Of Bunny: A World of Choice

With 45 breeds of bunnies recognized today, it can be overwhelming to choose which breed of bunny is perfect for you. Bunnies are normally categorized based on their size, color, shape and ear carriage. There are also a lot of mixed breed bunnies, making it even more difficult to recognize and categorize the bunny’s breed. …

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Guinea Pig Care For Kids

Guinea pigs make great first pets for kids because they are easy to take care of and fun to play with. Guinea pigs are also more affectionate than other small pets and will be loving towards your child if given proper care. Guinea pigs live somewhere between 5 to 7 years, so this pet could …

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