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4 Tips for Making Walking Fun For Both You and Your Pooch

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We all know that our dogs need lots of exercise for their health and happiness and, let’s be honest, it doesn’t hurt us owners to get out there and cover some miles too. Walking is one of the best forms of exercise if done regularly, it is gentle enough for most people to get involved with, and it can help our waistlines, our wellbeing and our mood.

We want to make walking the dog a great experience every time though, so here are some tips to get started:


Your dog has purpose-built paws for your jaunts together, but humans need to make sure that every step is taken in comfort. You can ensure this by wearing low heeled shoes that don’t rub and which give your feet plenty of room. For extra safety on all terrains it is wise to buy a nice pair of walking shoes. These will be a good investment, as they last for ages, are suitable for all weathers and are most importantly comfortable.


When you are out and about with your dog, be prepared. Bottled water is essential, a small snack for both of you is a good idea on shorter journeys and maybe lunch if you are making a day of it. If you are going further afield you may even want to consider carrying a travel first aid kit, for both you and your dog, in case any emergencies arise. In addition take your mobile phone with you so that you can always reach someone.

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It’s not the nicest subject in the world, but it is vital to remember to take some doggy poop bags with you too. Remember what arrives with you, needs to leave with you, whether you take it home or find a dog waste-bin on your travels.

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All of these items do add up, however, so it is a good idea to invest in a small backpack. There are even backpacks for dogs available now, so the larger canines can proudly carry their own supplies.


It’s always best to be prepared for whatever the weather can throw at us and this will of course often mean rain. It’s always handy to have something warm that can protect you from the elements and waterproof jackets these days are usually small enough to be rolled up and put in your backpack or just light enough to carry on a shorter walk.

Also if it is very cold or wet you might also want to get a warm waterproof coat for your dog. He will definitely thank you for it.

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Where To Go?

It is well worth doing research to see if there are some nice places to go with your dog in your local area. The park at the end of the road is fine most days, but sometimes it’s nice to go somewhere new and to let your dog enjoy all the sights, and more importantly smells, of the trail. It also gives you added motivation to walk more when you have new places to explore.

Wherever you walk with your dog, be prepared, be comfortable and most of all have fun!

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