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5 Great Pets For Senior Citizens

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Pets are fantastic for senior citizens, providing company, entertainment and a sense of purpose. However increasing age and infirmity means there are many factors that dictate the sort of pet that an elderly person can accommodate. The amount of maintenance involved in pet ownership, the noise or energy of the animal, the size and their susceptibility to petting by the grandchildren are all serious considerations.

Here are 5 of the best pets for senior citizens:

1.   Pugs are an ideal dog breed for anyone who finds it hard to go out and about on long walks. These cute, scrunched up little dogs require very little exercise, in fact they are prone to overheating and they’re little legs tire quickly so short walks are appropriate. They do require quite a lot of grooming time though as their folds need cleaning and they shed hair throughout the year so a good vacuum cleaner might be needed. For the most part they are quiet dogs, becoming vocal when excited. However they are known to wheeze and snore so keep him or her out of the bedroom if you’re a light sleeper. Pugs are such a small dog that even if you’ve down-sized your home over the years they won’t take up much room.

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2.   A Holland Lop rabbit is especially suited to life as a house rabbit. They get along well with other animals and prove to be great company, sitting beside their owners and following them. They are also a far better pet for an elderly person than they are for a child because they prefer a quiet household. Their diets are fairly easy to manage; nutritionally balanced pellets coupled with fresh vegetables like cabbage and carrots will ensure they’re healthy and happy. Furthermore bunnies take to litter training rather well as you’ll see in this guide on How to litter train a rabbit.

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3.   Ring-necked dove. Birds are great because they can be taken in and out of their cage when it suits you. They’re also easy to feed, water and clean up after. Small bird breeds like the ring-necked dove take up less room than an exotic variety and requires less exercise. Ring-necked doves are wonderful pets that are known to be quite affectionate and easy to care for. Surprisingly they can even be trained to be come when called, perching on their owners and accepting lots of cuddles.

4.   Scottish Fold’s are a sedate breed of cat that has low energy levels and low exercise needs so can be kept in an apartment with no access to the outdoors. This cat will provide plenty of entertainment as they’re known for sitting in unusual positions, earning the nickname ‘Buddha cat’ for the breed. Their temperaments are generally calm and well behaved. Although they’re sociable creatures that can live in busy households they are equally happy in a quiet one-person home. Their short hair making them less prone to shedding than popular long hair breeds such as Persians.

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5.   Blue Damselfish are one of the most popular breeds of marine fish in the US probably because they’re so easy to look after and because of their hardy nature. Tropical or marine fish are particularly good for elderly people as they are very relaxing to watch swimming around. Unlike a mammal you won’t have to clean up around the house after a fish, narrowing the cleaning area to just the tank. If you have the money to buy the best air filters and UV lights these will reduce the occurrence of algae and make the tank easier to clean. In the interest of an easy life I suggest also finding a good source of online pet supplies so you don’t have to carry heavy bags of food, litter or bedding from the pet shop. Ordering all necessary supplies online makes finding the best products much easier as you can browse from the comfort of your own home and your order will be delivered straight to your door. You can make the most of your new pet with as little fuss as possible.

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