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Best Hamster Chew Toys: Our Top Picks

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Keep your hamster happy and healthy by lovingly providing the best hamster-friendly chew toys. Chew toys do an awesome job of keeping your hamster’s teeth healthy, giving your cuddly friend some mental stimulation, and totally avoiding a really bored hamster. So you aren’t overwhelmed by the many choices out there, we offer you our top picks of some of the best hamster chew toys available online so you can make a truly informed decision.

A favourite of all hamsters is wooden chew toys. These toys are created from hard, natural wood and come in a fun variety of shapes and sizes. Some wooden chews even have added flavorings so they are deliciously tempting to your hamster. Rest-assured that we’ve selected only hamster-safe wooden chew toys that are free from any toxic chemicals or coatings.

Another safe, non-toxic and favorite hamster chew toy is grass balls. These yummy toys are made from natural grasses and provide a safe, nutritious, and fun way for your hamster to play and chew. After all, grass balls add a fun variety to your hamster’s toy collection. 

Why Hamsters Need Chew Toys

Hamsters are cute little goof balls that love and need an entertaining activity!

Hamsters are habitual chewers. They have to be. A hamster’s teeth never stop growing causing serious health problems and eating disorders if they get too long.   

Hamsters have a natural instinct to gnaw on things to keep their teeth healthy and strong. Chewing also helps hamsters alleviate boredom, which is great for their mental wellbeing. 

Let’s face it. Hamsters in captivity will spend their lives almost entirely in cages. Be nice to them. Love them — take care of them. After all, hamsters are cute little goof balls that love and need a stimulating and entertaining activity. Give them the toys and fun stuff they need to be happy little pets. Chew toys will fill that order!  These toys are made to give them a healthy and fun pastime. 

We all know that hamsters will chew on just about anything, especially things made of plastic, wood, and metal. However, not all materials are safe and some are highly injurious or toxic. It’s essential then to buy safe as well as fun chew toys for your hamster. Chew toys made of natural materials like wood, hay, and grass are the safest and most hamster-preferred choices. 

Types of Hamster Chew Toys

Make no mistake, giving your hamster safe chew toys is necessary for their overall health and happiness. After all, chew toys help wear down their teeth, prevent destructive boredom, and keep your pet from chewing on harmful objects. Choosing the right kind of chew toys made of natural materials is so important for your hamster’s safety and happiness.

Each hamster toy type has its benefits and drawbacks, so it’s important to consider your hamster’s needs and preferences before you buy. 

Here are the three main types of hamster chew toys:

Wooden Chew Toys

Wooden chew toys are really popular because they’re great for keeping a hamster’s teeth healthy and not wildly overgrown. Besides, wooden chew toys are a natural and mostly safe way for hamsters to satisfy their chewing needs.

Wooden chew toys come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some of the most common types of wood used are apple, pear, and willow. 

Kaytee Perfect Chews for Hamsters
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Edible Chew Toys

Edible chew toys are wildly popular among hamster owners. As the term implies, edible toys are made from edible materials, like hay, corn, and rice. They are meant to be chewed and eaten, which helps to keep the hamster’s teeth healthy and makes for a tasty treat. Edible chew toys give your hamster a two-way benefit — entertainment and nutrition.

Plastic and Rubber Chew Toys

Plastic and rubber chew toys are durable and long-lasting. Often brightly colored and shaped like fruits or vegetables, these are favorites of hamsters and hamster owners. Plastic and rubber chew toys are pretty tough which makes them a good choice for hamsters who are vigorous chewers. 

There are several types of hamster chew toys you can treat your pet hamster to. But, Buyer Beware! Only buy non-toxic toys that don’t have any small parts that could be swallowed by your hamster.

Every hamster toy has some benefits and drawbacks. It’s best to get a mix of toys but regardless whether you get wooden, edible, or plastic and rubber chew toys, it’s really important that every toy is safe, durable, and appropriate for your hamster’s size and likes.

Top 5 Hamster Chew Toys

When it comes to buying hamster chew toys, there are loads of choices online and in brick-and-mortar pet shops. However, buying just the “right one” can be a tough task. 

To make it easier for you, we suggest the following five chew toys:

  1. Whimzee’s Dental Chews: These are great chews for hamsters. They are made with natural ingredients and are free from harmful chemicals. They are also designed to promote dental health by helping to clean your hamster’s teeth.
  2. Frisco Dangly Wooden Small Pet Chew Toy: This chew toy is made from wood and is perfect for hamsters who love to gnaw stuff. It is also great for promoting dental health by keeping your hamster’s teeth clean and controlling overgrowth. 
  3. Kaytee Perfect Chews for Hamsters: This wooden chew toy provides your hamster with a variety of textures and shapes to chew on. It is also great for promoting dental health as it keeps your hamster’s teeth clean and healthy.
  4. Kaytee Lava Bites: These chew toys are made from volcanic rock and are perfect for hamsters who love to gnaw. They are also great for promoting dental health as they help to keep your hamster’s teeth clean and filed down.
  5. Niteangel Wooden Ladder Bridge: This chew toy is also made from natural wood and is perfect for hamsters who love to climb and explore. It is also great for promoting dental health because it helps to keep your hamster’s teeth clean and trim.

Remember, when selecting a chew toy for your hamster, always buy one that is safe, non-toxic, and appropriate for your hamster’s size and age.

Safety Considerations

Safety should always be your top priority when shopping for chew toys for your pet hamster. 

Here are some important safety considerations to keep in mind:


Choose chew toys carefully to be sure they’re made with non-toxic materials that won’t harm your hamster. Look for toys made from natural materials like wood, hay, or paper. Avoid plastic toys which can break into swallowed bits which cannot be good for your hamster.


Always get chew toys that are the right size for your hamster. Toys that are too small can be swallowed and toys that are too big can be frustrating to your hamster trying to play with them.

A good rule of thumb is to choose toys that are roughly the same size as your hamster.


Hamsters love to chew on stuff that has a mix of different textures. Shop for toys with a variety of textures, such as rough and smooth surfaces. This will help keep your hamster’s teeth healthy and halt that troublesome overgrowth.


Select chew toys that are durable and can withstand lots of your hamster’s gnawing. Toys that fall apart easily can be a choking hazard or cause damage in your hamster’s fragile gut. Wooden toys are a good choice because they are sturdy and hold up well to a lot of chewing.


Always supervise your hamster when they are playing with chew toys to prevent accidents and ensure safety while your hamster is playing. Be sure to remove any toys that become damaged or worn down so your hamster won’t choke down any small pieces.

Syrian hamster climbing on the bars of their cage

How to Introduce Chew Toys to Your Hamster

Giving safe chew toys to your pet hamster can be a fun and rewarding experience for both you and your little furry friend. 

Here are four tips to help you get started:

  1. Choose the right chew toys: As mentioned, there are many types of chew toys for hamsters. When getting a toy, make sure it is safe, durable, and appropriate for your hamster’s size and age. Do not buy pet toys made of plastic or any dangerous materials that can be easily chewed and swallowed.
  2. Introduce the toy gradually: Hamsters are normally skittish creatures — after all, they are natural prey animals for larger predators. For that reason, it’s important to introduce new toys gradually so as not to scare your hamster. Start by placing the toy in your hamster’s cage and just let them check it out on their own. Once they are comfortable with the toy, you can try holding it out to them to encourage them to play with it.
  3. Monitor your hamster’s behavior: Keep an eye on your hamster while they are playing with the toy to make sure they are playing safely. If they start to chew on the toy aggressively or show signs of discomfort, then simply take the toy away.
  4. Rotate your hamster’s toys: Hamsters usually get bored rather quickly, so it’s important to rotate old toys and introduce new toys regularly. This will keep them engaged and prevent them from becoming destructive.

By following these four simple tips, your hamster will enjoy the chew toys and you will keep him or her happy, healthy, and safe.

Maintaining and Replacing Hamster Chew Toys

Hamsters are natural chewers and need safe chew toys for their oral health and to prevent them from chewing harmful things. However, chew toys can wear out or break over time, so it is really important to replace them promptly as needed.

Types of Chew Toys

There are various sorts of chew toys sold for hamsters, including wooden blocks, mineral chews, and chew sticks. It is on you to buy only toys made with non-toxic materials and to avoid dangerous toys, like plastic or painted toys, that can harm your hamster.

Maintaining Chew Toys

Regularly check your hamster’s chew toys for signs of wear and tear. After all, wooden toys can develop sharp edges or splinters, and mineral chews can become too small or worn down. Replace any damaged or worn out toys immediately to prevent your hamster from being harmed.

You should also clean your hamster’s chew toys regularly. Use a mild soap and warm water to clean wooden toys and rinse them thoroughly. Mineral, vegetable, cardboard, and rawhide chews can be wiped with a damp cloth to remove any debris.

Replacing Chew Toys

Hamsters often get attached to their favorite chew toys, but you still need to replace them promptly when they become worn or damaged. Don’t fret about it because keeping a few replacement toys on hand will soon have your hamster happily chewing again.

Rotating your hamster’s chew toys regularly should prevent toy attachment as well as boredom. And, Introducing new toys can also provide mental and physical stimulation for your hamster.

Providing a variety of chew toys and rotating them regularly can keep your hamster entertained and promote healthy levels of activity and curiosity.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Best Hamster Chew Toys

Chew toys provide hamsters with many benefits and pleasures. Toys give your hamster a sense of pleasure and happiness. Choosing the best hamster chew toys will keep them busy, maintain their oral health, and keep them from chewing on dangerous or expensive things.

When selecting chew toys for your hamster, consider the materials used, toy safety, and toy durability. Natural materials such as wood, grass, and hay are safe and healthy options for your hamster. Avoid plastic or rubber toys as they can be harmful if ingested.

Some of the best chew toys for hamsters include apple sticks, wooden fruit assortments, and interactive toy balls. These toys are not only safe but also provide mental stimulation and exercise for your hamster.

Remember to regularly inspect and replace your hamster’s chew toys to ensure they are in good condition and not a choking hazard. We hope you enjoyed our round-up of the best hamster chew toys, and that your hamster enjoys their new treats.

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