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Best Tailwind Tribes for Pet Bloggers

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If you haven’t heard of Tailwind or Tailwind Tribes it’s a great way for you to get more visibility for your Pinterest pins and profile. It’s like group boards, but on steroids and without all the hassle of having to get accepted into group boards and then worrying about how they are performing and whether they are spammy or not. That’s why I wanted to create this quick guide to the best Tailwind Tribes for Pet Bloggers.

At its most basic Tailwind Tribes allow you to submit your pins to the tribe and these then get shared by other tribe members. I have been using it with my Pet Hooligans Pinterest profile and I am loving the results. Anyway, to cut to the chase, let’s talk about the pet-focused Tribes I have been using.

If you are a pet blogger or you share content on any pet site (and have a pet Pinterest profile) then you are going to want to give Tailwind Tribes a try. The great news is you get a free trial so you can see how it works for you. What I would suggest however, is that when you sign up for this trial, you really make the most of what’s on offer. If you commit to this, it does work and you will start to see the results, but you need to do the initial work -after all, you want more traffic to your site don’t you, and the subsequent sales that traffic can bring ☺ – then dive in and you will see the results.

Ok, so when I was choosing the Tribes I wanted to join, I looked for Tribes with high numbers of members and ones with high levels of activity. This means that the tribe is active and you have the best chance of your pins being repinned.

I hope you have enjoyed this quick guide to the best Tailwind Tribes for Pet Bloggers and found it helpful.

If you have any questions about Tailwind do feel free to ask in the comments section below. Even if you just sign up for the free trial it’s definitely worth a look and the more your pins get shared, the more your pet blog gets found!

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