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Don’t Let Your Pup Make a Mess of the Pavement

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We’ve all been there: enjoying a pleasant walk with the family, or even walking through town and then stepping in something rather unpleasant. It’s enough to ruin a family day out, a good pair of shoes and of course your car interior. It’s true that while most dog owners are responsible and pick up after their pooch, there are some that completely ignore their duties as a pet owner and leave the rest of us to suffer with their actions. Everyone knows how important it is to pick up after your dog, you’ll find reminders even on a sidewalk sign, prompting you to do the right thing and warning you of a potential fine if you don’t. But still some owners refuse to do it!

Well, here you’ll find some simple reasons why you shouldn’t let your mutt make a mess of the pavement.

It’s Full of Disease

Dog poop is full of bacteria, germs and parasites. Some of which can be extremely dangerous to other dogs and people. In some cases, even fatal. Dog poo contains huge numbers of E. coli, salmonella, ringworm and tapeworm, Parvo, coccidia and more. Any of these diseases can be easily passed onto others, which is a fundamental reason you should pick up after your dog.

It’s Harmful to the Environment

It’s easy to imagine that the dog mess your pet leaves behind will simply help to fertilise the soil and might even be good for it – if you head down a country lane on a dog walk you might find plenty of evidence to suggest that this is what people think – however, it couldn’t be further from the truth. Dog poop is far too acidic to have any kind of positive effect on the soil and plants around us. Unlike other animal fertilizers, it simply damages plants and grass.

It’s Illegal Not to Pick it Up

Did you know that the Environmental Protection Agency classes dog poop in the same category as oil spills. Simply because it’s classed as a pollutant. Not picking up after your mutt will land you in serious trouble!

It Won’t “Wash Away”

It’s easy to believe that dog mess will simply break down quickly and be gone before anyone has the misfortune to come across it. Sadly, this isn’t true! Dog poop can take as long as one whole year to break down, and if it’s left through a particular long winter – even longer! Not only that, the harmful bacteria and parasites that are living in it will simply linger for longer, potentially harming others.

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It’s Better For Your Community

Being a responsible dog owner is pretty easy! And not allowing your dog to make a mess of the sidewalk or any other public area makes your neighborhood a much better place to live. Your dog’s waste is YOUR mess, so you have an obligation to pick it up and not leave it for someone else to stand in! Make sure you take some poop bags with you on your next walk.

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