best online dog training courses

The Best Online Dog Training Courses

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Are you one of the many people who have adopted a dog during the pandemic?  Have you made a concerted effort to train your new dog?  Maybe you acquired your canine soulmate from a reputable breeder, a local shelter, a city pound, or online.  No matter how you found each other, you’ve both got a new best friend. And now it’s up to you to discover the best online dog training courses.

There are many things involved in dog care.  Feeding, sheltering, exercising, vaccinating, vet checkups, and emergencies to name just a few.  These are all topics that deserve a lot of responsible attention.  In fact, these and other pet care topics will be the focus of many posts here at Pet Hooligans.  But, today’s post is about training―value-based, basic dog training that you can learn online.  To be exact, this article is about the best beginner-level dog training courses at Udemy.Com.

As the human in this two-way companionship, you’ve got a whole new set of responsibilities and expenses.  After all, you don’t want your new dog to become a B-I-G problem.  Right?  But make no mistake about it, you’ll have to properly train and care for your new dog.

Udemy offers some excellent dog training courses by qualified instructors at very affordable prices.

Here are some excellent courses that I think you’ll appreciate and benefit from:

The Best Online Dog Training Courses from Udemy

Dr. Ian Dunbar―”Simple Solutions for Common Dog Behavior & Training Problems”.

You’ll learn how to remedy common dog problems like excessive barking, house training, destructive chewing and digging in and around the home, dog separation anxiety, and much more.  Provides lifetime access to six hours of ‘on-demand’ videos for accredited continued education.  See all of Dr. Dunbar’s 22 dog training courses.

Nikki Ivey―”Dog Training: Creating a Solid Foundation for Your Dog”.

Before any dog can learn important basic commands like sit, stay, come, heel, down, etc. he or she must first be taught the fundamentals of self-control and simple problem-solving.  This course teaches positive dog training methods.  After applying these learned skills each student should become an effective and responsible dog owner.  In turn, their dogs will become more disciplined and skilled at problem-solving and self-control.  Nikki Ivey is a skilled dog trainer and dog behavior specialist.  See Nikki’s other dog courses here.

Evan Walton―”Punishment-Free Dog Training: 30 Day Perfect Dog Blueprint

Now you can learn new insights into positive reinforcement dog training by getting rid of anxieties (yours and your dog’s) and building a trusting bond with your dog.  A relative newcomer to the Udemy world of dog training, Evan has a keen sense of what it takes to be a successful dog owner/trainer.  This course will teach you how to enjoy your dog at all times while building a lifelong bond with your dog through games and a No-Punishment approach to effective dog training.  Learn more about Evan’s background and course here.

In conclusion

As a dog owner, it’s important to know that a big part of caring for your dog means you have to provide positive discipline, exercise, and training. You must learn to relay your wishes to your dog with proper sounds, eye contact, and body gestures. Your dog must understand and act properly upon cues given by you and you must promote the desired behavior by positively reinforcing those cues.  The affordable online dog training courses at Udemy.Com will help you achieve those goals.

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