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The Top 5 Craziest World Records set by Dogs

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Our dogs are an amazing bunch – this much we already know. Whether it’s because they can lift their paw on command, or bring you a paper in the morning when the post arrives, it’s clear that there are some pretty clever canines out there. But some of our beloved dogs are beyond clever – they are extraordinary. They perform feats that no one would have ever anticipated – nor probably thought were possible.

For these select few, we give World Records. From having an amazingly honed ability to carry out tasks they have been trained to do, such as popping balloons, to those which are just genetically special, there’s a whole plethora of amazing things dogs have achieved.

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06/19/2024 12:07 am GMT

Here’s a roundup of my Top 5 Craziest World Records set by Dogs

1.Tallest ever dog In Ancient Greece Zeus was known as the father of the gods. Fast forward to 2011 and this name became more synonymous with the world’s tallest ever dog. Resembling more of a donkey than a dog at 111.8cm (44in) long, Zeus, a male Great Dane from Otsego, Michigan, USA, really does deserve the namesake he’s inherited. Although, he also has a stomach to boot – eating around 30lbs worth of food a day. As for the female of the species, just last month the World Record Academy crowed Morgan Payne, a four-year-old female Great Dane from Ontario, Canada, the largest female dog in the world. Weighing in at 200lbs and standing 38.5” tall at the shoulders, Morgan’s owners affectionately refer to her as their “gentle giant”.

2.Smallest living dog in height In comparison to Zeus, Boo Boo the Chihuahua might as well be a mouse. This tiny critter, hailing from Raceland, Kentucky, United States, and measuring just 10.16cm (4in) is nearly an inch shorter than the previous record holder and was the size of a thumb nail when she was born. Boo Boo found international fame in 2007 after being inaugurated into the Guinness Book of World Records and met the largest dog at the time, Gibson, a spotted Harlequin Great Dane, as part of a whirlwind promotional tour.

3.Most tennis balls held in a dog’s mouth If you thought your dog had a big mouth, then how about fitting five tennis balls in there all at once? This is the record Augie, a Golden Retriever from Dallas, Texas, holds. The eight-year old, owned by the Miller family, set the record back in 2003 – and has presumably been banned from visiting the local courts.

4.Fastest time to pop 100 balloons Dogs, like children, either love or absolutely hate balloons. In the case of one plucky Jack Russell Terrier, from Los Angeles, USA, it’s actually hard to say which one it is. That’s because Anastasia holds the record for popping 100 balloons in the fastest time in the world – an impressive 44.49 seconds, arguably much quicker than a human. The record, thankfully preserved by owner Doree Sitterly in a popular YouTube clip, is just as amusing as it is impressive, as Anastasia leaps and bounds her way into dozens of floating balloons.

5.Most clothes retrieved from a clothes line Ever wanted to speed up the drag of your weekly washing duties? How about getting your dog to lend you a helping… mouth? Back in 2009, Gustl, a mixed-breed Terrier from Vienna, Austria, managed to collect 13 pieces of clothing from his owner’s line. Gustl is an amazingly talented dog all-round, being able to understand as many as 50 separate commands. His phenomenal achievements have also seen him walk away with 80 competition prizes.

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