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What Are The Best Cat Scratching Posts?

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If you’ve ever owned a pet cat then you know they will scratch their claws on just about everything.  But, why do they do this?  And, what can be done to protect your home and possessions from this feline clawing destruction? The answer is simple you need to choose one of the best cat scratching posts.

Read on, as we focus on what makes a good cat scratcher.  I’ll also showcase several of the best cat scratching posts.

I’ve written this for cat owners who care deeply for their beloved cat’s needs but also want to preserve their home decor and possessions.

Why Do Cats Scratch Stuff?

Cats have to shed their old claws because healthy new claws are growing under the old ones.  Wild cats scratch on trees, stumps, boulders, or whatever is handy for this purpose.  Pet cats use walls, doors, floors, sills, furniture, clothes, bare legs, or whatever is handy around the home.

What Can Be Done About It?

Declaw your cat.  This is NOT a good choice.  It is a painful and cruel procedure that has been banned in many countries as well as several U.S. cities, counties, and states.

Provide your cat with effective scratching posts and pads.  This is by far the ―best deterrent to destructive cat scratching.  There’s no getting around it, cats are gonna scratch their claws on things.  Key to it is giving cats what they want.

What do cats want in a cat scratching post?

They want:

  • Texture that feels good and brings them relief
  • Proper scratcher size, safety, placement, and height
  • Scratchers that are fun to use and that pique their curiosity

But, what are the best cat scratchers?  And, where can a cat lover buy the best cat scratching posts?

The 4 Best Cat Scratching Posts

Our Top Pick

PurrfectPost®―Veterinary designed and cat approved! This company sells direct to consumers from their website.  They have several unique, well-designed, and superb cat scratchers, as well as a range of great cat toys, accessories, and beds.  They also have a well-written, information-packed blog and several very cool YouTube videos.

They are definitely on the high end price-wise, but PurrfectPost is also on the high side of durability and quality.  There is a reason I’ve ranked them as the Number One Choice.  They are expertly American made of quality materials and come with a money-back guarantee as well as free 100% organic catnip with every order.  They are simply the best!

Other Great Choices for the Best Cat Scratching Posts

PETMAKER Cat Tree Condo―A special cat condo, this sturdy combination scratching post and cat condo hideout is perfect for the multi-cat home. Well constructed and covered in durable sisal and polyester.  Cats love high perches and this condo fits the bill at over 3 feet tall with a cat-comfy perch on top.

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07/20/2024 08:52 pm GMT

AmazonBasics Cat Tree―This awesome AmazonBasics Cat Tree consists of three levels topped with a roomy perch that doubles as a cozy cat bed. Complete with 7 jute-wrapped scratching posts and 3 carpeted levels for your cat’s scratching delight.  Save your floors, walls, doors, and furniture from cat scratching now with this AmazonBasics cat condo!

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07/19/2024 01:20 am GMT


Yes, cats do like to scratch their claws on things.  But, they do this for a very good reason―they shed their old claws to make room for new ones by scratching surfaces.

There are lots of cat scratchers for cat parents to choose from.  There are also lots of cheaply made knock-offs to be avoided.  Buy wisely―Buy the best.  Always look for quality materials and superior craftsmanship.  I highly recommend the 4 best cat scratching posts that I’ve listed here.  Check them out and thanks for visiting us today.

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