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10 Christmas Gifts for the Cat 2023

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Ho ho ho! It’s almost that time of the year again for Santa to slide down the chimney and drop off all the Christmas presents. Are you still looking for something special for your kitty cat to add to Santa’s list? Well, look no further because we’ve got you covered! Here are 10 Christmas gifts for the cat that will make them purr for joy.

Catmas Door Mat

Are you a proud cat mom? Make it known to all your Christmas visitors before they step through the door with this wonderful Welcome Peasants Cat Door Mat.

Not only does this funny doormat let visitors know exactly what your cat thinks of their human visitors, but it’s also a great talking point. It’s also slip free so it will stay in place however many guests you welcome into your home.

Your cat will love it so much that you’ll find them rolling or sharpening their claws on it throughout the day.

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Jespet GooPaws Covered Cat & Dog Bed

This cat bed takes snug to a whole new level! Cats love to burrow and take a break from the world every now and then. Where better to do that than in this amazing Jespet GooPaws Covered Cat & Dog Bed.

This cozy bed comes in a variety of colors, ready to match your Christmas decor. It’s made of faux suede and faux fur that brings that extra bit of warmth and comfort to those chilly festive nights – the perfect ingredients for the perfect catnap.

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Goody Box

This Cat Goody Box is the perfect gift for your fur baby. It’s filled with Christmas spirit and everything your kitty could want!

The holiday Goody Box is packed with exciting items such as a penguin plush kicker toy, a pack of 10 bouncy spring toys in holiday colors, and a foldable play tunnel. To add to the festive spirit, the box also contains scrumptious treats from Temptations and Hartz Delectables. And the best part? All three toys come with catnip, ensuring maximum holiday fun for your feline friend.

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Snowflake Wave Scratcher Cat Toy

Let’s be honest, none of us love our furniture being scratched apart, but our kitties need to do it to keep their nails strong and healthy.

Solve your problem and make your cat happy this Christmas with this Snowflake Wave Scratcher Cat Toy. Your fluffy friend won’t give your couches and carpets another thought after you bring this gift home.

This Scratcher will attract your cat straight away thanks to the colorful snowflake pattern – but more importantly, the catnip that comes with it. It’s got a wide surface, giving your cat plenty of space to scratch and carry out their nail care routine.

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Holiday Gift Box Cardboard Cat House

If you want to make your cat happy, give them a cardboard box. If you want to make them happier than happy, get them this Holiday Gift Box Cardboard Cat House.

It’s no secret that cats are big fans of cardboard boxes. They find comfort in enclosed spaces and will hang out in a cardboard box for hours.

This holiday gift box will add to your decor, and it’s the best hideaway for your kitty to curl up into. Make them feel safe and secure with their very own home within your home.

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Found the purrfect stocking stuffer yet? If not, dont worry. Here are some more Christmas gifts for the cat for you to enjoy!

‘I’d Melt For You’ Dog & Cat Hoodie

I just can’t get over this light blue I’d Melt For You Dog & Cat Hoodie! I don’t know about you, but this level of cuteness makes my heart melt every time I see my fluffy cat in one of these.

This hoodie will keep your baby snug and warm during this chilly time of year and is easy to slip on and off without a struggle. Conveniently, it has a leash hole, which will allow your kitty to show off their adorable hoodie while they strut around town!

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Festive Cat Collars

Introducing two festive cat collars to make your feline friend the star of the holiday season! One collar features snowflakes, Christmas trees, gingerbread cookies, and candy canes on a baby pink background, while the other has snowflakes, Christmas trees, and reindeer on a khaki background.

Both collars come with a secured breakaway clasp, jingle bell, and permanent bowtie for the perfect Christmas outfit. Made with durable high-density polyester webbing and fine stitching, they also feature durable plastic buckles, plastic slip locks, and a gold-coated metal D-ring. Let your furry friend be part of the holiday festivities this season and be the envy of the block with these adorable collars!

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Frisco Plaid Ceramic Personalized Dog & Cat Bowl

Every kitty has their own bowl; not every kitty has their own face and name on it, though! Make your kitty stand out and feel proud with this Frisco Plaid Ceramic Personalized Dog & Cat Bowl.

These bowls are ceramic, keeping your kitty free from plastic toxins. They’re hard, durable, and easy to wash. 

They’re also customizable, allowing you to pick the background color, text, and photos that you want on your cat’s bowl.

This is the perfect bowl to make your fur baby feel special. It’ll also make a wonderful present for one of your cat-loving besties.

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Sterling Silver Cat Necklace

To be fair, this sterling silver cat necklace is more of a gift for you than for your cat; however, it’s a way to keep your companion with you wherever you go.

This necklace features a super cute hanging cat is made from sterling silver and can be worn no matter the function or time of day. It’s a way to remind your kitty that they’re the most important fur ball to you, and it’s a great conversation starter!

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How are you enjoying these Christmas gifts for the cat? Cute aren’t they? Well, we have one more that your cat might just think is perfect!

Personalized Cat Mug

One more gift you might want to consider for the cat lover in your life – or even for yourself – are our own Pet Hooligans’ Personalized Cat Mugs. This mug is glossy white with a vibrant print and is the perfect place to showcase a much loved photo of your feline. Plus, the text comes in pink or blue, so opt for your favorite.

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Now that you’ve added these 10 Christmas gifts for the cat to Santa’s list, you can rest easy knowing that your kitty has been taken care of this holiday season! May you, your family, and your furry friends truly have a Merry Christmas!

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