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7 Ways a Dog Makes Your Life Better

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Yes you love your dog, but did you know he or she is making you happier and healthier. That’s actual science! And here we have 7 reasons why.

Keeps Your Heart Healthy

Many studies have shown that dog parents are more likely to fulfil the suggested activity levels for adults. Just getting out and walking your dog daily will make a big difference and if you can push yourself to make those walks a little longer each time, so much the better. The more exercise you get the more positive impact it will have on your heart health and blood pressure.

Alleviates Stress

Dogs and cats (and bunnies) have been found to ease stress, as they have a very calming effect on their pet parents. As you stroke your dog, hormones are released into your bloodstream.  Amongst them oxytocin, the hormone we release when we fall in love. Well we are just a little in love; in love with our dogs.

Builds Bonds

Whether we live alone, or at the heart of a bustling family, we as humans all crave connection. Our dogs help us with this in two main ways. First, there is the companionship of your dog, the way you can talk and connect with him or her on a daily basis; maybe even pour out your troubles to in difficult times.

Second, our life with our dogs brings us into contact with other humans. It’s easier to strike up conversations on our walks, or in the dog park, when we have our canine best friends with us.

Improves Immunity

Pets are our friends as children, but they are also doing something else important for us.  A young child will have fewer incidences of allergies and asthma, if they are raised in a home with a dog. This is due to better immunity and the younger the age it starts, the better.

Assist Us at Work

Many dogs work hard for us; it’s amazing the service they provide. The police, armed forces and rescue services use dogs in a wide variety of situations. In times of war dogs have even saved lives on the front line, as the Dickin Medal demonstrates.

In our homes too, dogs serve. Many are trained to help those with disabilities and therapy dogs bring comfort in a range of settings, such as nursing homes, hospitals and hospices.

Provide Unconditional Love

When we are finding life tough; our dogs keep us moving forward. We have to attend to their needs before our own and that can be soothing when it feels like the world is crashing around our ears. In return, dogs give us unconditional love. They are there for us, always happy to see us and tell us how much they care by a tail wag; soft warm nose pushed into our hands; or a full on hug.

Make Us Live In the Moment

Dogs are ALL about living life in the moment and we can learn a lot from that. They don’t stress about what happened yesterday or worry about what tomorrow will bring. Instead they chase the ball; enjoy their dinner; beg for their tummy to be rubbed; or simply lay in the sunshine and relax. Um, yes please. I’ll have what they are having!

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06/18/2024 03:33 pm GMT

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