standard poodle temperament

The Standard Poodle Temperament

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Wondering whether the standard poodle is the right breed for you? Today we explore the standard poodle temperament to discover if it will be a good fit for your family and lifestyle.

Here’s a good “trivia” question―what does “le Caniche” mean in English?  It’s the French noun for Poodle and, true to the nature of French people, Poodles tend to be resolute in most of the things they do…Poodles make great pets!  But why?

Is it looks?  Not entirely. Trainability?  Nope…It’s all of that and so much more.  It’s about fun, companionship, and compatibility.  Lumped together these Poodle traits all point to one very cool breed feature―the Standard Poodle temperament―known and loved world-wide by millions.

However, Poodles may not be for everyone.  After all, unlike scrappy street-tough breeds like BullDogs, they don’t look good in spike collars, gold chains, and other “machismo” dress-up.

But, Poodles are not the pampered “sissy” dogs that bad adverts and debunked myths would have you believe.  These are, in fact, fantastic dogs for folks who are looking for friendly, easy-to-train pets for well-mannered canine companionship.

According to the AKC, Poodles rank 7 out of 196 dog breeds for popularity in the U.S.

There are three main types of Poodles:

1. Toy Poodles range from 4-6 pounds and can be no taller than 10 inches as full-grown adults.

2. Miniature Poodles are 10-15 pounds and must be no more than 15 inches tall as adults.  These dogs typically range from 10-15 inches tall.

3. Standard Poodles are the “BIG” members of this fancy, non-sporting group, and they are the focus of this article.  Males typically range in weight from 60-70 pounds and females range from 40-50 pounds.

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The Standard Poodle Temperament

Positive Traits

  • Lively and likes to play, walk, run, and ride with their adoptive family
  • Usually behaves well with others, especially kids and friendly visitors
  • Very good with other house pets, especially dogs and cats
  • Strong protective instincts for home and family but not overly aggressive
  • Curly, non-shedding hypo-allergenic hair―best breed for people with allergies
  • A smart breed that stays alert, pays attention and loves to learn
  • Pups are easy to house train and they are quick to learn new skills
  • Pet Poodles look good with natural hair―unless you’re a breeder, don’t get hung up on dog show type “fancy coiffure” haircuts at the groomer’s

Negative Traits

  • Can be nervous and high-strung. They can be skittish when loud noises (i.e., fireworks) and overly loud voices occur. Ask about the dog’s known tendencies and pedigree if available
  • Poodles prefer peace and quiet and, while most like to play and go with their humans, they can be reserved to the point of being anti-social.
  • Puppies tend to be rambunctious with a lot of running around the house and barking. Lots of exercise and positive training will overcome most of that.  Meantime, watch your breakables!
  • Must be groomed about every 6 weeks to avoid hair mats and hot spots. Close clipping and fancy pom-poms are an unnecessary option unless you like the look―your choice.
  • Decades of intense inbreeding has taken its toll on Poodles. This breed (including Miniatures and Toys) is susceptible to a range of genetic diseases.  You can avoid many of the problems by getting a pedigree with an AKC puppy guarantee. Whether you plan to adopt or buy a pedigreed dog, talking with your vet prior to getting your Standard Poodle is also highly recommended.

It’s a fact that most Standard Poodle owners love and treat them like kids.  Yes, there can be issues, but this is true for all pets.  Poodles are an active, fun-loving dog breed that is eager to learn and a lot of fun to own.  They are fun, compatible companion dogs and the numbers don’t lie―in the U.S. Poodles rank 7 out of 196 in breed popularity.

Does the standard poodle temperament seem like it’s a good fit for your home? If you’re looking for a great, non-shedding dog then please consider buying or adopting a Standard Poodle.  These dogs come in many colors and patterns from black to brindle.  They are quick learners that can excel at many tasks.  More than just a pet, these dogs love a good challenge.

But, their developmental needs are often neglected.  They need and require your full commitment.  It is highly recommended that you challenge your pet Standard Poodle with plenty of professional classes for exercise, training, and development.

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