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Care For Your Pets The Same Way You Would Your Children

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In our go-go-go society it’s often difficult to step back and take care of ourselves. We claim we are too busy to go grocery shopping and prepare healthy meals. We just don’t have the time to go to the gym or jog in the park. But the truth is these are excuses. Believe it or not, caring for your pets’ health is just as important as caring for your own health. They don’t deserve dry processed foods any more than you deserve that sodium soaked frozen meal. Sending Fido to wander in the yard may be easier, but it’s not offering the same exercise that you both need. Many of us think of our pets as our children. Our pets rely on us to ensure that they are healthy and safe in the same way children would of their parents. This responsibility means we should show them the same respect and care for their well-being that we would our own children.


In humans and pets alike, nutrition accounts for a large portion of our health. Pets should eat fresh foods just like their human counterparts. Cats are strictly carnivorous and should maintain diets specifically created with meats and fish. Dogs, on the other hand, have adapted an omnivorous diet, which means they can also eat some plants and fruits. The ASPCA recommends staying away from grapes, yeast doughs, macadamia nuts, avocado, chocolate, coffee, onions, xylitol (sweetener), garlic, salt, and milk. On the other hand, rice, grains, and fibrous vegetables are great additives and offer health benefits. Organic foods and filtered water are best for your cats and dogs.


Pets need daily exercise, especially dogs. Exercise is not only important for agility and weight control, but can also serve to benefit the digestive system. Social exercise can encourage confidence in pets as well as build trust in others and their surroundings. Many pets who harness destructive behaviors such as chewing, rough play, or digging are often in need of physical activity to release pent energy. Once this energy is released, pets are more relaxed and will experience better sleep.

Chiropractic & Reiki

As humans are increasingly embracing alternative care, it is also becoming more recognized to help pet ailments as well. Joint and pain issues may be resolved with chiropractic visits in the place of expensive and invasive medications. Paws Into Grace also recommends Reiki for its calming properties that allow both the pet and owner to relax in any number of stressful situations.

Skin and Coat Care

It is important to maintain skin and coat care to ensure proper health. Similarly to humans, your pet’s skin and hair can show signs of an internal problem. Some foods like berries and red bell pepper even offer valuable sun protection for your dog. Remember to brush their coat and bathe your pet regularly. Clean bedding and any carpeting regularly to ensure they are not coming into contact with any irritants. Harsh chemicals can cause problems if your pet inhales, ingests, or comes into contact with irritants. When we care for ourselves and our pets the benefits become apparent. Within weeks you can see an improvement in your pet, whether it be in their health or their behavior. It’s important to care for all of the members of our family to create a healthy and balanced household.

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04/20/2024 02:58 pm GMT

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