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How to Relieve Your Dog’s Sneezing or Stuffy Nose

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Dog owners will agree that their four-legged friends hold a special place in their homes and hearts. Dogs bring so much joy through their companionship that they are treated as members of the family without question. Those who can relate know that they will do everything in their power to make Fido well when he becomes sick. If your dog comes down with a cold, imagine how uncomfortable the symptoms are when you experience them. He likely feels the same, and treating his sneezing and stuffy nose is not much different from what you would do for yourself.

Keep an eye on his nose. If your dog has a cold, your first indication was probably the fluid coming out of it. Mucous that is viscous and yellow or green in color warrants a trip to the vet, where they will give you a round of antibiotics. It will not cure your pet if he is suffering from a virus, but it will help speed recovery and reduce the risk of a secondary infection developing in the respiratory tract. The mucous should dry out after one or two weeks of these antibiotics. If your dog has been sneezing a lot during his cold, you might find that he expels some blood, but it is no reason to panic. Repetitive sneezing causes blood vessels in his nose to rupture, resulting in slight nosebleeds. As long as the amount is small, you will not need to take further action. However, if you are ever concerned about the health of your pet it is always wise to seek veterinary advice.

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The key to relieving your dog’s cold is hydration. Provide plenty of fresh water and constantly encourage your dog to drink. Do not worry too much if he refuses to eat his food, as keeping him hydrated is even more important. If he will not drink water out of the bowl, you might want to try using a spoon or syringe to make sure he consumes enough fluid. Expedite his recovery by adding a flavorless electrolyte solution like Pedialyte to his water.

When you experience a cold, most food sounds unappealing, but chances are one thing will hit the spot. I am talking about soup: mom’s cure for the common cold. Warm some beef or chicken broth and offer it to your dog. This is an effective way to deliver fluids and nutrients to your sick pooch, though you might have to administer it by hand like you did with the water. If he will not go near his kibble, you can offer other solid foods that he might find more appetizing. Try giving him boiled chicken or ground beef with white rice. Chicken flavored baby food is also easy on his stomach, as long as it does not contain onion powder.

Keep your dog as comfortable as possible during his recovery. Disinfect your home and provide clean bedding for his rest. Prevent the spread of illness by quarantining him and restricting exposure to other animals. Read humidifier and vaporizer reviews if you do not already own one to help moisturize the air and alleviate your dog’s discomfort.

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