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Dog Approved: The Very Best Dog Treats

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These are certainly challenging times for us all.  The calamitous messes of world-wide civil unrest, political upheavals, and the coronavirus pandemic have put us all on edge.  But, there is a silver lining in all of this.  Think of it as a ‘bark of hope’―that’s right―a bark, not a spark, of hope.

We can all agree that it’s our beloved dogs, as well as other pets, that give us hope.  And for that we socially share our best pals to help relatives, friends, and total strangers feel just a little bit better.  At home, we lavish our pets with love and praise.  In particular, we reward our canine buds with good parenting care, including exercise and the thing they crave the most―FOOD.  Along with nutritionally balanced rations, we reward our best friends with healthy dog treats.

With their wagging tails, slobbery smiles, and need to please, our puppies and dogs bring us love and joy each day and especially in these unsettling times.  As dog parents, it gives us great pleasure to return the love to our best friends.  We do this by respecting them, by caring for their health and needs, and by rewarding them with the things they crave.  That is, lots of ear rubs, abundant love, and the very best dog treats.

The range of quality dog treats is huge and varied.  There are dental dog treats, like Greenies, and there are bones, bully sticks, soft dog treats, chewy dog treats, biscuit treats, jerky dog treats, rawhide chews, and rawhide-free treats.  There’s even hickory flavored dog pill wraps.  The list is massive and the shopping choices are hard to make.

Here is a ‘best-of-the-best’ list of my 6 favorite dog treats:

Good ‘n’ Fun―Chicken, chicken liver, and duck flavored these fancy rawhide chew treats were liked by dogs 18:1 times over other treats.  Long-lasting and yummy, the Good ‘n’ Fun triple flavor kabobs are healthy and rewarding treats for your best friend.  Order some today!

N-Bone Puppy―Got a teething puppy?  Then these great tasting ‘teething-ring’ chews are just what the doggie dentist ordered.  Satisfying and soothing to sore puppy gums.  Added calcium and great chicken flavor will help make strong teeth and a very happy growing puppy.

American Journey Lamb―This is truly a nutritionally sound dog treat.  With lamb as the first ingredient, this meaty treat is healthy balanced with wholesome fruits and veggies.  This is a great positive reinforcement treat for dogs of all breeds and ages. No Fillers, No Junk, And No Grains―This is a genuinely healthy and flavor-packed reward for all good dogs.

American Journey Peanut Butter―No, you are not seeing double!  There’s a reason why 2 American Journey treats made my fav treats list.  It’s because they are good, real good.  This grain-free, peanut butter biscuit is packed with dog-lovin’ flavor and crunch.  It’s also formulated with the safe and heart healthy nutrition of cooked peas and chickpeas. (not to be confused with raw legumes or humus which are not healthy foods for dogs).

Wellness WellBites―These are nutritious, delicious treats formulated with chicken, lamb, fruits, veggies, and superfoods.  These bite-sized treats are not just grain-free but they have zero soy, gluten, and artificial enhancers.  They are paw-fect bite-sized treats for training your perfect canine bud.  Try these today!

Milk-Bone Soft & Chewy―Sound familiar?  It should, Milk-Bones have been around for ages.  But, for good reason―they are an excellent dog treat.  This particular soft and chewy beef treat is packed with the rewarding real beef, naturally smoked aroma and flavor that all dogs crave.  While providing great nutrition as a healthy treat for all classes of dogs, this soft treat is ideal for senior dogs with sensitive teeth and gums.

The Wrap

Along with good, loving homes including properly balanced rations, it’s important that we also reward our dogs with nutritionally sound dog treats.  Treats for our dogs―indeed all pets―must have good flavor, good ingredients, and good nutrition.

Whether yours is a slobbering couch potato or an athletic field and water dog, each and every dog loves their special human friend.  It’s our job to teach them, treat them well, and be their best friend.  Reward your dog each and every day with a loving home, healthy training, fun exercise, good nutrition, and tasty treats.

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