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Tips for Puppy Care for the New Parent

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Do you have a recent addition to your home and need some tips for puppy care? Maybe you feel excited, scared or even a little bewildered by this new life that now relies entirely on you. Never fear, we have some tips to help you and the puppy settle down together.

The cabin fever feelings of loneliness, isolation and job loss due to the Covid-19 pandemic has driven a lot of us to get rescue companion dogs.  Many new pet parents are adopting rescue dogs from local animal shelters and city pounds. Most of these rescues are lost, abandoned, or dumped dogs. Some of these dogs are old, some are young adults, and some are just pups.  Some are neutered and some are not. Some have had positive obedience training from good owners. Others have known only the depravity of hunger, pain, and torment from abusive people. But, all of these dogs have one thing in common―a desperate need for a safe and loving home.

What to Expect When Adopting a Dog

If you are thinking of adopting a dog, this guide walks you step by step through the process, helping you to a create a happy gotcha day for your pup.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

The purpose of this article is to help new owners with simple but important tips for puppy care. Perhaps this is your first time as a rescue pup parent. Or, maybe you are an experienced dog owner who’s looking for a quick refresher on puppy care. Whatever has brought you to Pet Hooligans, welcome!  Whether you are a new or existing dog owner, please read on to equip yourself with important basic tips for puppy care.

Tips for Puppy Care – Understanding Your Puppy

Puppies are not adults

They are youngsters that do not know training commands. They will have potty accidents and messy spills. When that happens―and it will―don’t raise your voice, don’t panic, and don’t punish.  Just quietly clean it up for this too shall pass (even if it’s on your bed or expensive flooring!) Puppies need proper care including house training, playtime, exercise, nutrition, and veterinary visits. Be prepared for all that, including the resulting costs in terms of time and money. Above all, be patient and kind.

Puppies are canines, not humans

Puppies do not inherently understand our languages, voice commands, wants, or needs.  They are not giggling babies so baby talk is not helpful to the pup or you. They do not understand negative or harsh punishment for unwanted behavior―so speak softly and spare the rod.  In time, and with good training, they will mature into well behaved and responsive pets. In the meantime, let them be puppies.

Puppies do understand rewards

Positive reinforcement is key! Things like dog healthy treats, pets and rubs, hand shakes, and soothing praise are all good puppy rewards. Your pup will return your patience and friendly gestures with plenty of loyal obedience. When they see your happiness they will give you lots of wet licks, toothy smiles, perky ears, hand shakes, tail wags, and puppy love.

Puppies are always watching

Be mindful of your puppy’s presence all of the time. Keep your voice down and your temper in check.  Always be happy and positive in the pup’s presence. If you are sad or mad about something, then let it pass before doing anything with your puppy. The youngster will “read” you―good or bad―by watching your eyes, your gestures, and your body language. The puppy will listen to your tone. If you are upset then he or she will know it and your “puppy time” will not be good.

Puppies can be expensive

Good care and treatment by you is required―it’s not an option so know what you are obligating yourself to. The puppy is dedicated to you and dependent on you.  You are your puppy’s master, mentor, and best friend. You need to be prepared for that responsibility. Expenses like unexpected training, licensing, walking, and vet bills will occur. Then there are toys and training aids, food and treats, and home repair/maintenance costs which are to be expected.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
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Want More Puppy Care Tips From Us?

Yes, we are all feeling the angst and loneliness of the pandemic.  For many of us, rescue dogs and especially pups have, in fact, come to our own rescue.  We must love them for that and give them a long life of positive care that they so richly deserve.

This article has given you some basic tips for puppy care so that you can reap the rewards of the love of your new best friend―your forever friend.  I sincerely hope this helps you become the best puppy parent you can be. If you want to keep up to date with our latest posts, giveaways and interviews, then sign up for our free newsletter here – when you do, you will also receive our free Puppy Proofing Checklist.

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