How Much Is Adopting a Dog

How Much Is Adopting a Dog? Lowdown on True Costs

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Thinking you can offer a loving home to a new four-legged friend, but wondering how much is adopting a dog in terms of costs? We have you covered, read on for more information.

These days people are suffering a lot of despair and loneliness as they deal with the isolation of the pandemic.  Because of this, many are seeking the solace of newly adopted companion dogs from pet shelters. The search question of ‘how much is adopting a dog?’ comes up a lot because many are googling local pet rescue shelters and websites for their new best friend.

But, the thing that people should really be asking is―what is the true cost of rescue dog adoption and ownership?  For a lot of adopted dogs, this concern comes as a late reality check for many first-time dog parents.  Unfortunately, many of those ‘rescued’ dogs are often later abandoned, neglected, or worse because the ‘wanna be’ dog owner has failed them.  Some of those dogs end up back in a shelter, some end up injured or sick, and some end up lost or dead.

It is also often asked, is adopting a dog free?’  Adopting a dog is never free―it takes a personal commitment of time and resources.  When you adopt a dog you are committing yourself to its well-being.  That means you are entirely responsible for the dog’s lifelong health and training.  This is true regardless whether the dog is young or old, timid or rambunctious, male or female, trained or untrained, purebred or mixed―the dog is entirely dependent on you. Only you can choose to be your dog’s best friend or its worst enemy.

How Much Is Adopting a Dog?

You see, dog adoption costs will go well beyond just the tag fees and shots. Even taking one of the neighbor’s ‘free’ puppies will cost you. The truth is that adopting any dog costs a lot. This article will give you some things to consider before you commit to a dog adoption.

If you truly want a new best friend―and aren’t afraid of the responsibilities and costs that come with it―then great, and please read on. If you’ve already rescued a dog, then please read on too―you may pick up a few helpful insights you didn’t know before.

What to Expect When Adopting a Dog

If you are thinking of adopting a dog, this guide walks you step by step through the process, helping you to a create a happy gotcha day for your pup.

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Firstly – Your New Dog’s Health Matters

Vaccines, vet exams, tags, parasites, emergency care, grooming, dog sitting, pet insurance, food, treats, toys, training aids, leashes, apparel―to name just a few―all require your action. These things will all cost you in terms of time and money.

Proper nutrition must be provided to your dog every day. This means fresh, healthy dog food and clean water.  You must feed your dog correctly for its size, body condition, age, health status, activity level, known allergies, and so on.

You must be active with your dog. Having a dog is a time commitment. It means time must be set aside every day for exercise, playing, house training, challenging physical and mental exercise, obedience training, public socializing, potty times, etc.

Secondly – Your Dog’s Training Matters

A good dog is a well-trained and socially adjusted dog. Some dogs are naturally mild mannered and some are real terrors.  Being a terror may be partly due to genetics but some is due to a lack of training, previous owner pet spoiling, or past bad treatment. But, all dogs have one thing in common―they all crave companionship.  They all have a need to belong.  Hopefully that need is satisfied not by a wild pack, but by an adoptive human who treats and trains the dog well.

If you don’t have the time, experience, or patience to properly train your rescue dog, then please consider hiring a local qualified trainer to help you. This will be money well spent for you and your new best friend.

Albeit this article is brief, I hope it has been helpful to you to answer the question – how much Is adopting a dog?  Rather than just seeking a dog’s company to get you through the pandemic, I sincerely hope it inspires you to be a good, conscientious, and lifelong rescue dog parent.  There are many good books and videos on the subject of dog training, adopting a dog cost and the needed commitment. But please stay tuned as I will be posting more on these subjects, and many others throughout the year.

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