Felted Rabbit Eggs: Perfect for Adults or Older Kids

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I have had a real passion for crafting with felt over the past two years, and have noticed my little creations really appeal to crafters in particular. I hope you enjoy this simple needle-felted rabbit.

This craft is perfect for adults. Kids will need supervision due to the felting needle.

Materials you will need:

  • Felt Roving (light brown, black & pink)
  • Compressed of ‘Flat’ Felt Roving (light brown to match body)
  • Small to medium-sized Styrofoam Eggs
  • Felting Needles & Felting Mat
  • *Mini Flower Pot for Display & Herbs

Step 1

Spread some light brown roving around a Styrofoam egg form. The consistency of the roving should be like cotton candy pulled apart. Start applying the roving to the egg with a felting needle until the entire shape is an opaque light brown color. To achieve this, you will need to keep applying whisps of roving on top of the form.  

Step 2 

To make a face for your rabbit egg, take a tiny piece of black roving and make a ball with it between your fingers. Now apply it to the egg with a needle to form the first eye. Next, add the other eye and then a nose. 

Step 3

To form two little cheeks for your rabbit, take a few whisps of pink roving and apply them in two circular shapes. I like to use a double-pronged felting needle for this step. I find I can achieve a ‘softer’ effect.

Step 4 

Cut two ears out of flat felt roving that are the same size. Apply them to the back of the egg shape as shown in the picture. Apply a little bit of loose felt roving on top to make the ears appear more natural ☺

Display your felted rabbit eggs in some mini flower pots for an adorable instant decoration. I added some parsley in mine for some green color, but even moss would look cute. Happy Easter everyone!

Ashley Lucas is a children’s illustrator and coastal decor designer. You can find her at Sea Glass Art and Lady Lucas Art.

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