Groundhog day craft tutorial

Groundhog Day Illustration: Let’s Get Drawing

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Today I’m sharing a craft tutorial with you. It’s a Groundhog Day illustration that you can try at home. The perfect way to celebrate February 2nd.

Groundhog day craft tutorial

Groundhog Day is a time to reflect on the distinction between the seasons, and this sweet illustration is a great way to celebrate the winter months giving way into spring. If you’re looking for a charming subject to draw or paint, then I hope you try out this idea. This is a great activity for young children, teens or even experienced creatives.

Materials you will need:

– Thick drawing paper or watercolor paper

– A pencil, kneaded eraser and a permanent black pen

– Colored Pencils or as an alternative, use a thin paintbrush and watercolors instead of colored pencils

Step-by-Step Instuctions

Step 1:

Lightly sketch out the seasonal Groundhog Day design shown with pencil. You want to first create a circular shape that will serve as the ‘wreath’ around the groundhog. On the left side of the wreath shape, add a winter motif with berries, snowflakes and snowballs. On the right side, the motif should gently lead into spring images such as flowers, hearts and leaves. Lastly, add a dapper little groundhog in the middle wearing a top hat!

Groundhog day craft tutorial

Step 2:  

Trace over all the pencil lines with a fine tipped black permanent pen.

Groundhog day craft tutorial

Step 3:

Wait a few minutes for the ink to dry, then erase all pencil lines.

Groundhog day craft tutorial

Step 4:

Now is the super fun part! Add color to your illustration as I have with colored pencils or experiment with watercolors.

In fact, you can complete step 1 with pencil, then go straight to the watercolors and avoid tracing with black pen. This way you will achieve a much more free look.

Groundhog day craft tutorial

Step 5:

Adhere your Groundhog Day illustration to the wall with washi tape or frame it for a lovely addition to your home this February!

Ashley Lucas is a children’s illustrator and coastal decor designer. You can find her at Sea Glass Art and Lady Lucas Art.

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