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The Absolute Best Cat Toys for these Uncertain Times

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There’s no doubt that all cat parents want the very best cat toys for their favorite felines. We think all pet owners―especially cat lovers―will agree. But, the COVID-19 pandemic has created trying times for us all―including our fabulous felines.

As we all hunker down in our homes, we’re engaging in activities we didn’t spend much time on before. Our creative juices are flowing as we make fun, new outlets that go way beyond our normal hobbies and pastimes. We are doing things that bring us relief and keep us sane through it all. And, we are drawn closer to our pets than ever before. We are entertained by our pets. They bring us joy and love at a time when we need it most. We truly need our pets and they need us. We want to play with them. We want to train them. We want to make them safe, happy, and healthy.

So, when it comes to our cats, we want to treat them with fun and challenging toys; toys that will engage them for hours on end as they reward us with their purr-fect love and joy. There are a host of cat toys ranging from catnip filled toys to feathered cat wands to mesmerizing lasers. You only need to look at cat evolution to know why our domesticated felines love the thrill of the chase. Make sure they can pursue their natural instincts.

But First Please Consider These 4 Things:

1. Safety―Is the toy safe for kids, cats, and other pets? What materials are in it? Is it toxic or perhaps a choking hazard? These are things you need to know.

2. Challenging―Will this toy challenge and entertain my cat? Cat toys should be fun as well as challenging for your cat. However, some cats only like fun, simple toys that are made to bang about and chase. Pickier cats seem to prefer engaging toys like interactives that pique their curiosity and hunter instinct. Bottom line―no one knows your cat as well as you, so always pick toys that fit your cat’s likes and needs.

3. Durability―Cats are hard on toys. Cat parents need to consider whether a toy will endure tough love and rough play. Or, will it fall to bits after a little playful battering? Money is dear these days, so buy quality cat toys from an online store you can trust.

4. Good Fit―Every cat parent needs to know their cat’s uniqueness. Some cats are big and tough. Some cats are small and frail. Some are young and some are old. Some cats are timid, while others thrive on adventure. It’s key to know your cat’s likes and dislikes before buying cat toys. Cat Toy Picks These days many brick and mortar pet shops remain closed, but online shopping is alive and well. It’s brilliant―it’s safe―and it’s easy to do! And, the online cat toy choices are just amazing. I think you’ll agree!

Here is just a sampling of really cool toys for you and your cat to play together:

1. Petstages Tower of Tracks―This interactive cat toy is a tower of fun for your purr-fect fur buddy. Enhances agility and skills of all kittens and cats. This interactive toy will exercise your cat’s body and mind.

Petstages Tower of Tracks

The Tower of Tracks is an interactive cat toy with 3 levels of tracks and 6 colorful balls, engaging cats' natural instincts. It's perfect for single or multiple cat households with sturdy construction and a non-slip base.

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2. Bergan Turbo Scratcher―This awesome scratcher and toy combo give your cat hours of fun while helping maintain healthy claws. Your cat will have fun, fall under the alluring spell of catnip, and shed its dead claws without damaging your stuff.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

3. SmartyKat Electronic Motion Toys―If there was an amusement park for cats, these toys would be star attractions. Your sweet feline friend will enjoy hours of challenging exercise and fun stimulation with SmartyKat Toys. Safe for kiddies and satisfying for kitties. Purr-fect!

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
07/18/2024 04:02 pm GMT

4. Feline Ruff 3-Way Cat Tunnel―Stimulate your cat’s natural instincts. This is a great hiding and pouncing lair for the fun and development of any cat regardless of breed or age. The 3-way tunnel is fun for single cats or homes with multiple cats.

Feline Ruff Premium 3 Way Cat Tunnel
$19.99 ($19.99 / Count)

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07/18/2024 09:00 pm GMT

5. KONG Refillable Cat Toys―Any pet toy list that excludes KONG toys is an incomplete list. So, with a single click, you can select one or more fantastic Kong refillable catnip and cat treat toys.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
07/18/2024 10:00 am GMT

The Wrap Up

Yep, the COVID-19 pandemic has created trying times all over the globe. In one way or another, all of us are impacted by this modern-day plague―including our beloved cats. In these stressful times, our cats surely sense our anxieties. Pet cats need the active stimulation that only fun and challenging toys can offer. Without it, cats can easily fall into nervous anxiety and destructive behavior. Like us, our cats need ways to find relief. Interactive and stimulating toys provide that relief. Plus, bonding with and loving our cats is good medicine for us too. Stay Safe!

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