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Where to Buy Dog Accessories Online

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Okay, it’s a pandemic.  You know it, I know it, even your pup knows it!

Obviously a pandemic means going out less and avoiding contact with others, and that might lead you to wonder where to buy dog accessories online?

Sadly, Covid-19 is not just going to leave us anytime soon.  It may hide for a while after it’s run its course or perhaps when there’s a real vaccine for it.  But, just like polio, rabies, and all the other nasty viruses, Covid-19 will probably persist.

So, what can we all do?  Well, we can mask up, wash up, and practice all the other good CDC suggestions.  But, we can do more.  That’s right, as dog parents we can use this time to better the lives of our beloved dogs.  This mess is not their fault so let’s all train our dogs, reward our dogs, and shower our dogs with much love and praise.

In fact, many dog parents are now wondering, “is this a good time to accessorize our dogs?”  As a dog lover I think it is.  Please read on to learn more about the special things you can do or get for your pooch.  And, please feel free to share this post―and all of this site―on social media (links on the left!).

What Are Dog Accessories?

Dog accessories are non-essential goods and services that will improve the dog’s life and that will help dog parents provide better training, comfort, and care for their dogs.

Where to Buy Dog Accessories Online:

Dog Training and Care Courses―Whether you’re looking for quality starter or advanced courses, is a great learning source for those who wish to study the proven techniques of professional dog trainers.

Dog Apparel―A “catch-all” that can include everything from doggie sweaters to protective doggie footwear. You can find the right apparel and pricing for your pooch at Petmate, Chewy, and Amazon.

Steps and Ramps―While some young dogs may not need these specialized accessories, they can be a pain and injury prevention for older or disabled dogs. But, even younger dogs that are predisposed to dysplasia or other concerns will benefit from these activity aids.  You can find a range of these specialty products at Chewy and Amazon.  For a simplified choice of quality, easy-to-use safety steps and ramps try Petmate.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
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Beds and Bedding―It can be argued that modern-day pet dogs are no longer denning animals. Maybe centuries of hybridization and living with humans has bred out the canine need to make a den.  Hogwash!  Dogs have always been denning animals and they will always be so.  It’s just that dogs have adapted well to sharing homes with us humans.  Or, as some might say, dogs tolerate our sharing of their dens.  It is a mutually beneficial arrangement.  Dogs enjoy the comfort of dog beds and bedding and we are rewarded with their obedience, companionship, and love.  It’s a beautiful relationship, indeed.  For great dog beds and bedding selection, quality, and pricing go to Petmate, Chewy, or Amazon today!

Bedsure Large Dog Bed

Versatile pet bed with reversible design (sherpa and Oxford), made of durable fabric, and high-density egg crate foam for joint pain relief. Easy to clean with removable, machine-washable cover.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Crates and Kennels―These are basic training aids and safe habitats for your dog. They don’t have to be cold metal, prison-like holding pens.  In fact, today’s dog crates and kennels can be comfortable, affordable habitats for your best friend.  A dog crate or kennel is very useful when house training a new dog.  And, they become cozy dens where your best friend can feel safe when you’re away or when the dog is resting.  You’ll find a great selection of crates, kennels, and accessories for them at these fine stores:  Petmate, Chewy, or Amazon.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Dog Toys―No loving dog owner can resist buying fun and interactive toys for their dog. The trick is finding good ones that will hold up and that the dog will enjoy playing with or learning from. There are literally kazillions of dog toys these days so picking out toys for your best friend is tough to do.  My advice is to ask other dog owners, but make sure the toys you buy are safe, durable, challenging, and fun. 

I hope that has helped to bring you some options for where to buy dog accessories online. I sincerely believe that we can make the most of this pandemic mess by becoming the best parents we can be for our dogs.   Let’s use this time to train, reward, and love our dogs.


where to buy dog accessories online

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