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4 Things to Think About When Choosing Your Cat

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When it comes to choosing your cat, there are several factors that you will need to consider. Because a cat will become a cherished long-term member of a household, it is important that they will be able to fit the needs of everyone who lives in the home. It is also important to ensure that the cat will be comfortable in their new living arrangements.

Therefore, it is important for anyone who is interested in buying or adopting a new cat to consider the following four things when making this very important decision.

Age of Cat  Kittens and adult cats each have their advantages. While everyone loves an adorable fluffy little kitten, young cats are often more active and require more care than older cats. For example, kittens are well-known for their mischievous behavior. While this might be amusing for some, finding toilet paper scattered all over the living room may be a major annoyance for a person who prefers organization. Older cats tend to be calmer. However, they also may require more care for any serious health conditions. Because the age of the cat can influence their behavior, this is a major area that should be considered before choosing your cat.

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Type of Hair  Cats come in varying stages of fluffiness. For anyone who struggles with allergies or asthma, the type of hair on a cat can be very important. Long-haired cats tend to shed more and because of the texture of their hair, it can become very noticeable. Homes with long-haired cats may require for frequent cleaning such as vacuuming and sweeping to avoid cat hair build-up on their floors and furniture. While they may be a little bit more work few people can resist stroking the soft fur of a cat with long hair. However short-haired cats can be just as soft and will typically require less brushing and maintenance.

Personality  Like people, cats have their own special personalities. Anyone who is looking for a cat will need to decide if they would prefer an active and curious cat or a calm and mellow cat. Families with young children or an active lifestyle often enjoy the humorous antics of a playful cat. However, other people tend to enjoy a mellow cat who will curl up in their lap while enjoying a movie or television show. While a cat’s personality can sometimes be obvious at first sight, it can sometimes take some time for certain traits to appear. Therefore, it is recommended that potential cat owners spend time with their preferred pet to get to know them before making a final decision.

Overall Lifestyle  Pet owners will need to consider how a cat will fit into their current lifestyle. For example, if dogs are already in the house, then they will need to find out how their dog will respond to the presence of a cat. Additionally, if a person tends to travel, then they will also need to make sure that the cat that they choose will be comfortable in an alternative setting. Bringing home a new cat often requires a period of adjustment for both the new cat and the owner. However, when a person takes the time to make the best decision when selecting their cat, then they will have the best chance for choosing the perfect cat that will be an excellent new addition to their home.

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