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5 Pet Items You Should Never Buy Used

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There’s no doubt about it. You can definitely save some money when you decide to buy items that are used. However, one thing that you should keep in mind before you do is that certain purchases, if you’re not extra-selective, have the potential of doing more harm than good; therefore, there are times when you should shell out a few extra bucks and purchase something new. Even when it comes to your pets. So, what are some things that you should never buy used for your “Spot” or “Kitty”?

Here are five of the top things on our list:

Old food. There are some people who actually purchase pet food in bulk and then resell it in order to make an extra profit. On the surface, it sounds harmless enough. The main problem with this is that the food may have expiration dates that have rubbed off or it could be a brand that has been recalled that you may, or may not know about. For these two reasons, purchasing new food is best.

Pet beds and pillows. When we decide to purchase a used mattress, we have to consider the fact that someone else was sleeping on it before us and that could mean…a lot of things. It’s the same thing for pets. Aside from potential odor and cleanliness issues, there’s also a high chance for there being flea eggs embedded in the fabric. A definite no-no.

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Brushes. Giving your dog or cat a nice brushing from time-to-time can be both soothing for them and also good for maintaining their pet hair. But, if it’s a used brush, kind of like with the pet beds, you run the risks of giving them more than what they bargained for. Pet brushes are not that expensive so, it’s worth it to make the purchase.

Pet toys. Pets actually have some really amazing saliva in the sense that it can keep a lot of germs at bay. However, the issue with giving them used pet toys is not so much that their body can’t fight off another animal’s germs, it’s just that it’s not really the best way to show your pet that you love them enough to give them the very best. How would you feel if someone gave you a used toothbrush or washcloth, even if it has been washed out? Yeah, our point exactly.

Pet clothes. Dogs really do tend to look pretty adorable when they have on a little sweater or raincoat. Yet, if you spend some time pricing these clothes out, they can sometimes leave you wondering if you are buying clothes for an actual human (yes, they can be quite pricey). So, this may be why you’re tempted to purchase some used clothes, instead. Again, not the best route to go. There’s no telling how long the previous owner of the “doggy T-Shirt” wore it or where s/he was when they did and so it could be infested with all kinds of things.

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