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7 Pros and Cons to Sharing Your Life With a Pug

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Pugs have often been described as a whole lot of dog wrapped in a little package. The breed’s name comes from the Latin ‘Pugnum’ or ‘Pugno’ meaning ‘fist’ or ‘fight’. The name has nothing to do with the dog’s disposition, it refers to the Pug’s scrunched up face which resembles a fist.

These smart, compact dogs are in the American Kennel Club’s Toy Group, and are known as having a fun sense of humor, a need to show off and a keen devotion to their master.

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Pugs are believed to have originated in ancient China around 200 B.C. during the Han Dynasty. They were bred then as faithful companion dogs for the emperors and their families who cherished the dogs as bearers of good luck and fortune.

Many folks fall in love at first site when they see Pug puppies then instantly decide that is the breed they want. For many this will work out fine but for others, not so much. The following 7 pros and cons to owning a pug may help you decide whether this adorable breed is for you.


1 A great indoor pet for older, less active adults who need an emotional support dog. Can be good watchdogs, but they won’t yap endlessly like some of the toy breeds.

2 Adapt well to apartments & small homes. They don’t need huge amounts of space and feel most at ease close to their pet parents.

3 Moderately easy to train basic commands like sit, stay, no, bed, go out, down, and come.

4 Family friendly – great around other pets, kids, adults and guests.

5 Furniture and carpet friendly – fairly easy to potty train and not big chewers. Give them a squeaky or chew toy and they will cherish it as their own and spare the furniture.

6 Moderate exercise needs – a short, brisk walk for a few minutes each day along with some intermediate play time is usually all it takes to make a Pug happy and healthy.

7 While Pugs love to sleep, they rank high on the scale for playfulness. Tug-Of-War games, chase and fetch and squeaky toys are among their favorite things to play.

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1 Do not like to be left alone. Pugs become very attached to their humans and may actually become heartsick and depressed when left alone.

2 They do well as indoors dogs but not so well outdoors. Pugs have a low tolerance for temperature swings so they should be kept inside at room temp most of the time.

3 If you have a disdain for pet hair then Pugs are not for you. Although short-haired, a Pug sheds like a big dog – frequent vacuuming is required.

4 A Pug’s two favourite things to do are eat and sleep making them prone to weight gain. You must stick to a non-fattening, minimal treat diet with Pugs.

5 Health issues – Expect a sizable vet bill. Due to their facial features, the Pug is susceptible to a range of eye, sinus and throat allergies and infections.

6 Again, because of their scrunched up face and sinuses, Pugs snore and wheeze a lot. If this will bother you, then you should look into other breeds.

7 Lead training a Pug can be hard and frustrating. While fairly docile indoors, Pugs like to pull against their leads and may choose to ignore commands even when they know you are their leader.

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When considering a breed for a new house dog many people prefer a toy breed. They are typically looking for a small and fun breed, one they can dote after and that loves being the proverbial lap dog. This may or may not be the case for you but if you are looking for a sweet, small dog to brighten each day around your home, then the adorable Pug may just be the breed for you.

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