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Five Amazing Halloween Gifts For Dogs

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Your pup is entitled to enjoy Halloween just as much as you do and this is the perfect time of the year to show him or her just how loved they are with these Halloween Gifts for Dogs.

We’ve rounded up our selection of gifts which dogs will love and, let’s be honest, which their pet parents will get a kick out of too.

1. Halloween Goody Box for Dogs

First up we have this brilliant Halloween Goody Box for Dogs from Chewy. Packed with toys, treats and apparel, your pup is going to be spooktacularly excited when this gets delivered straight to your door.

Each Halloween Goody Box for dogs contains two fun toys, a selection of treats, a Halloween bandana, plus fun activities and a delicious recipe. These limited boxes sell out fast so grab one for your pup today.

Chewy Halloween Goody Box for Dogs

2. Halloween Dog Collars, Harnesses & Bandanas

If you are going to be out and about with your pup in the run up to Halloween or maybe you are even taking him or her trick or treatin’, then one of these hauntingly good Halloween dog collars, Halloween harnesses or Halloween bandanas is a must.

Check out the great range available over on Chewy and make sure your pup doesn’t miss out on any of the Halloween fun.

dog wearing a Halloween skull bandana

3. Halloween Themed Dog Treats

Naturally, there is a lot of candy and chocolate flying about on Halloween, all of which is VERY bad for your dog – even deadly – so it’s vital to have some alternatives available. These pumpkin and cinnamon Dog Boo Bars are the perfect alternative, as are these Pumpkin Spice Flavor Greenies. Yum, Yum in my doggy tum!

If you are looking for more dog treats for Halloween that your pup can enjoy, read our post at the link.

Boo bars dog treats

4. Halloween Dog Costumes

Is there anything cuter than a dog in a Halloween costume? Ok, kiddies are super cute too, but come on, it’s your pup and he’s dressed up! Swoooooooooooooon.

Chewy has an amazing range of all types of costumes so check them out here. You can choose between TV & movies, animal themed, food, superhero and even what’s trending if you want to be in with the ‘in crowd’ this year.

a dog wearing a cow Halloween costume

5. Halloween Dog Toys

Some of the Halloween dog toys on Chewy are so cute I am tempted to buy some for myself ☺. They have mummies, zombies and spiders among a whole host of others – there is definitely going to be something you and your dog will love.

I’m a traditionalist so I’ve plumped for the KONG Halloween Snuzzles toy below. And when I say I, I mean of course that lucky pup I am going to gift it to. Yes of course that’s what I meant!

KONG Halloween Snuzzles Assorted Dog Toy

I hope you have enjoyed this round-up of Halloween gifts for dogs and that your pup is patiently awaiting his gift. Have a safe and Happy Halloween everyone!

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