an office dog sitting near a group of people at work

How to Keep an Office Dog Happy

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Having a dog around the office is a great way to reduce stress and increase morale among employees. Most people like having a dog around and a charismatic pup may soon become the office mascot. However, there are a few things to remember in order to ensure a fun and safe office space for humans and canines alike. Follow this guide to help keep an office dog happy.

Provide Food and Water at All Times Dogs need two or three meals a day to maintain a healthy weight. They also need to have access to water at all times in order to prevent dehydration. Have a food and water bowl where the dog can always reach them and enlist the help of employees to make sure meals get served on time.

Take Frequent Potty Breaks Nobody wants a smelly work space, so office dogs need to be taken outside regularly. Taking a dog for a walk is also necessary to burn off the excess energy that could turn into destructive habits indoors. An office dog should go for a short walk once every two hours. Give employees a fifteen minute break and let them take turns going out with the dog. Not only will this keep the dog happy, but a quick spin outside will also refresh employees and boost productivity.

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Provide a Safe Environment Owning a dog in any space means taking responsibility for its well-being. Trash cans should be kept out of the dog’s reach or in a well-supervised area, as well as any other potentially dangerous or messy objects such as loose wires or lunches.

Have a Kennel or Dog Bed It’s also vital that the dog have a kennel or bed to go to when he or she wants some privacy. A stressed out dog can become a liability very quickly and may bite if provoked. Having a safe space to go to can help calm a dog after it has become fearful or anxious.

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Keep Up to Date on Vaccinations Offices see a constant traffic of employees and customers alike, so office dogs must be kept up to date on vaccinations. This will likely be required by insurance companies in case the dog bites someone and will also prevent it from picking up diseases from the outside world.

Watch the Door Finally, a simple safety rule is to either cut off the dog’s access to the exit, usually via another door or a baby gate, or to watch all comings and goings carefully. Many dogs will show no interest in escaping, but others will slip out if given the opportunity. Even if an office dog has never been inclined to run for the door, it should have a collar and identifying tags on at all times.

By following these practical guidelines, any office can experience the joys of having a canine companion around and you can ensure you keep an office dog happy. Dogs are lovable and gregarious creatures and even having one relaxing within sight can reduce employee stress. With the right precautions, you may wonder how you ever got by in a dog-less office before.

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